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Shopping with Wholesale7

What could be more feminine than a dress? So, it’s not surprising that this object of wardrobe you can find in the closet of every woman. Long and short, smart and casual — sometimes it is very difficult to make a choice and have a stop on one kind of dress. But,  is it necessary? To feel confident every woman should have in her wardrobe several designs and styles. Designer wholesale clothing china offers many interesting and tempting dresses. So let’s have a look? Which models need our attention first.


Little black dress


Korean Slit O Neck Fitted Half Sleeve Black Dress

The famous and everyone’s favorite  Coco Chanel always said: “The little black dress may be an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe”. And really, this is the most versatile outfit, which is suitable for office job and for an unexpected party, it is only necessary to choose wright shoes and accessories. Therefore, a black dress — has been a basic part of the wardrobe of every woman.


Shirt Dress

Cheap Outlet Single Breasted Shirt Dresses

This style of dress is unique because it is perfectly combined with a variety of shoes, so you can create a lot of interesting looks. This dress can be worn almost all the year round, regardless of the season. In the summer you can combine it with open sandals, and in the spring and autumn — with shoes or sneakers. And also this dress looks very interesting with jeans.


Knitted sport dress

Letter Pockets Hooded Dresses For Woman

A simple, inexpensive and comfortable dress, in which you feel comfortable and at ease – is an indispensable part of your wardrobe. It’s a cozy model for every day. If you are going to study, to walk, to the movies with friends or to the store – it will be the best choice.


Office sheath dress

Office Lady Color Match Knitting Bodycon Dress

The sheath dress is conservative, but at the same time feminine. Even if you do not work in an office with a strict dress code this model is useful in a number of other cases, for example, when you need to go to an official event. And if you select  bright accessories, it’s transformed into a more gala version. This style of dress is characterized by clear, strict lines and dense materials, which it is usually sewed from, so it will be perfect for every female figure.

Evening dress

Euro Backless Solid Bandage Long Evening Dress

Sometimes dress code provides a long evening dress, so in the wardrobe should be at least one such model. Most likely, you don’t need this dress very often, but at least one model  you must  have just in case.


Do not forget the rule that hundreds of times helped millions of women around the world: if you do not know what to wear — choose a dress! And then you will be sure that your look is  irresistible. So wish you a great shoping with Wholesale7.

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  1. Elena

    Love your selection, amazing black dress!

    1. beyoutiful

      Thanks dear! Have a nice weekend)

  2. Gil Zetbase

    Gorgeous dresses!
    Have a nice evening!
    Gil Zetbase

    1. beyoutiful

      Thanks a lot! They are really beautiful)

    1. beyoutiful

      Thanks a lot for your comment! Have a nice weekend)

  3. Adriana R.

    Lovely choices <3

    1. beyoutiful

      Thanks a lot for your comment! Happy to see you here)

  4. Amanda Mércuri


    Adorei essas peças!

    Ótima quinta!

    Beijo! ^^

    1. beyoutiful

      Thanks a lot for your comment! Have a nice weekend)

    1. beyoutiful

      Thanks! I like them to)

  5. Люда

    Отличная подборка:)

  6. Allie Mackin

    Oh they do have some great dresses here and I like that you selected a variety for different occasions. Good job!

    Allie of ALLIENYC

    1. beyoutiful

      Thanks a lot for your comment! Have a nice weekend)

  7. Paola

    Amazing selection!
    Kisses, Paola.


    1. beyoutiful

      Thanks dear! I’m happy that you like it)

  8. The Yum List

    I love that first dress.

    1. beyoutiful

      It’s gorgeous )

  9. Mercy

    First time to know about this shop, nice one. Have a great weekend dear!


    1. beyoutiful

      Hope you like it! Have a nice day)

  10. Jana Zimmermann

    Hello, wow, these dresses looks great. Have a nice day. Best regards Jana

    1. beyoutiful

      Thank you Jana! Happy to see you here)

  11. Alice

    Great selection dear, I like last dress 🙂

    1. beyoutiful

      It’s so stylish! I like it too)

  12. Lidia Frolova

    Никогда не покупала на этом сайте, стоящие вещи?


    1. beyoutiful

      Я пока только изучаю ассортимент. Думаю как и в любом китайском магазине: или пан или пропал)))

  13. Алена

    Красивая подборка. Особенно первое — черное и спортивное!

    1. beyoutiful

      Мне тоже эти варианты больше всего понравились)

  14. Yasmina

    You’re welcome =) Have a nice day too

    Great post, nice dresses =)

    1. beyoutiful

      Thanks, dear! I’m happy that you like it)

  15. Miguel

    Thanks a lot 😀

    loved all of your choices my friend 😀 great selection 😀

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me 😀

    1. beyoutiful

      Thanks a lot Dear! Have a nice day)

  16. shweta

    Lovely selection!!

    1. beyoutiful

      Thanks you! These dresses are really amazing )

  17. Florentina

    Nice dresses, especially the black one and the long evening dress.
    Have a great day!

    1. beyoutiful

      Thanks a lot! The black one is my favorite )

  18. Angel

    this looks awesome 🙂 thanks for sharing

    1. beyoutiful

      Thanks dear! Have a nice evening)

  19. RitaMix

    Классная подборка!

    1. beyoutiful

      Спасибо, Риточка)

  20. Anya Dryagina

    Давно мечтаю о платье в пол, как на последнем фото. Не знаю, куда надену и надену ли, но мне оно надо))

    1. beyoutiful

      Вот и у меня аналогичные мысли))

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