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Авг 26

Shopping with FreedomSilk

Successfully selected home clothes — is an important component in creating an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. In addition, it will help to adjust to a positive mood and to fill the soul with calmness and harmony. After all, you will agree how it is wonderful to plunge into the arms of your favorite pajamas and feel the gentle slip of silk over the skin after a hard and, usually, nervous working day. Sometimes the rest and relaxation consists in such small and, at first sight, not very significant details. And they should not be forgotten. Therefore, I propose to introduce a small piece of warmth together with the Internet store FreedomSilk.

Sleeping — is one of the most important physiological processes, which should not be underestimated. Also the pleasant tactile sensations contribute their «mite» to the process of night restoration. Therefore, clothes for sleep — women night dress — should be as comfortable as possible, even for the most sensitive skin. Natural fabrics — this is the best solution, so today the silk kits will be in the focus.

I want to show you several options for sleeping clothes to choose from, depending on the season, and just your mood.

So, in the cold season, the classic Silk pajama set, wide trousers and loose shirt are ideal. I really liked these two colors.

Flower print, as for me, would be ideal for a dark, rainy autumn, when you usually try to bring in your slightly bright colors. And the gray shade, I associate with a snowy winter frosty evening.

Light streaming Silk robes, in my opinion – is “mast have” in the women’s wardrobe.

Every girl loves to play with her images, leaving no place for routine and permanence. So the feminine and sexy «bow» is just what she need.

And now the turn of the Silk Camisole Set: shorts, supplemented with a T-shirt.

In my opinion, it is  great playful and casual version. This image is perfect for hot summer weather, when you want lightness at night, and your skin breathing as much as possible, and the movements are not constrained.

And of course one of the most practical and necessary things is a womens silk robe.

This is the subject of the wardrobe, which without a doubt will bring to your home look the piece of warmth and comfort.

Wish you a great shopping with FreedomSilk, my friends 🙂

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  1. Luda Tischenko

    Замечательные наряды:))) Дома тоже стоит выглядеть красиво:)

  2. Elena M

    Я хочу шёлковый халатик!

  3. Rena

    The pieces look so precious!
    xx Rena

  4. The Yum List

    Must be comfortable 🙂

  5. Magische Farbwelt

    Hello, wow, these night clothes look great, especially with the pineappple. Have a nice day. Best regards Jana

  6. Alice

    Such a nice items 🙂

  7. nancy chan

    Great selections! They look so soft and comfortable!

  8. Karo

    So many nice products — great selection xx

  9. Pathy Guarnieri

    Sounds very interesting) Thanks for sharing)

    Cores do Vício

  10. Sakuranko

    Oh very cute picks ~ Nice webstore

  11. Joanna

    Beautiful pajamas.


  12. HariRari

    Great selection, I love the pineapples pajama ^^

  13. Yasmina

    Thank you as usual =) Have a nice weekend too

    Great post, looks like a good shop.

  14. Vera M

    Такие красивые модели!

  15. Bambi

    I’ve never heard about this shop before.

  16. Florentina

    Such wonderful choice of lingerie, I can only immagine the softness of its touch on the skin.

  17. Allie Mackin

    Oh my! That PJ set with the pineapples is so fun!

    Allie of

  18. Beauty Unearthly

    Обожаю шелковое белье!

  19. Lola Za

    Какие секси пижамки. Я бы все купила)))

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